Abundance in the Farmstand

The stand is full again!

Lots of beautiful peppers – Jimmy Nardello, Melrose, Shishitto, Lunchbox, Gambo, Italian fryers, Cubanel, bells, poblano and jalapeno – guess we have a little pepper obsession here!

In addition to all the lovely peppers, we have calico sweet corn, heirloom tomatoes in many colors, cherry tomatoes including Sungold, several varieties of potatoes, Dragon Tongue beans, green beans, 2 types of zucchini, beets, eggplant, garlic, spaghetti squash, lemon squash, broccoli, 3 types of cucumbers, sunflowers and eggs.

Some pepper varieties are available in a 5 pound bag for 10.00. Sweet corn is available by the bushel – 20.00. Contact us ahead for the bushel of sweet corn so we can plan our picking.

We also have smaller quantities on the farmstand cooler.



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Sweet Jimmy Nardello

Now is the time to enjoy sweet Jimmy Nardello peppers. We have a couple of 5 pound bags in the farmstand cooler for 10.00 each. They’re easy to freeze if you think you can’t eat that many.

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Sweet Corn Bushel

Available this weekend by order

Our Calico Sweet corn for freezing. There are 5 dozen ears in a bushel

20.00 per bushel

Contact us ahead of coming out and we will have it ready for you to pick up in our farmstand.

Call 815-467-5259

Email pam@creeksidenaturalfarm.com

Message us on Facebook

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Tomatoes and other deliciousness

Fresh this morning – lettuce, sunflowers, Sungold cherry tomatoes, red Lunchbox sweet peppers, calico sweetcorn, lots of delicious tomatoes.

We also have bell peppers, various ripe sweet peppers, eggplant, broccoli, green beans, Dragon Tongue beans, garlic and eggs.

Honey is available by prior arrangement – either call 815-467-5259

email pam@creeksidenaturalfarm.com

o send a message on our FB page

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Calico Sweet Corn

The wait for our Calico Sweet corn is finally over!

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Calico Sweet Corn

The wait for our sweet corn is finally over!

We started picking this morning and have it in our farmstand cooler for $6.00 per bag. Most bags have 13 ears but if there is a smaller ear or 2, the bag will have 14 ears.

We use organic seed (non GMO) and we cultivate to control weeds (no herbicide). We don’t use insecticides but haven’t found any insect hitchhikers (so far).


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Tomatoes and Beans

We are finally picking enough tomatoes to keep the farmstand stocked. Lots of sweet cherry tomatoes and “salad” tomatoes. Still waiting on the big slicers…..

And Dragon Tongue beans. These beautiful heirloom beans have a wonderful flavor. Try them steamed with a little butter or add to soup.

We also have a variety of sweet peppers – bell, Melrose, Jimmy Nardello, shishitto, cubanel and Italian frying peppers.

Heirloom eggplant, zucchini, lemon squash, cucumbers, garlic, herbs and eggs.

If you’re interested in our honey, please make arrangements for pick up prior to coming out. We don’t keep it stocked in the farmstand.

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Our very talented neighbor and friend rode over on her bike and surprised me with this! I think I’ll name her after our favorite girl – Luna Lu!

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Pollinator habitat

The bees are enjoying the new blooms in our pollinator habitat.

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Beautiful Sweet Peppers

We have a love of sweet peppers and like to try something new every season. This year we tried 2 new varieties .

Shishitto peppers are a great little snack pepper – perfect for grilling or broiling. As simple as some olive oil and salt or you can find my favorite in the Pam s Recipe section.

Cubanel peppers are a thick walled sweet pepper that work great on a sandwich, mixed with pasta, stuffed, on a pizza , ect…

We also have both ripe and green bell peppers, Jimmy Nardello, Melrose and Italian frying peppers.

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1 Day until our July Creekside Market – Saturday July 21st

We spent the day getting ready for our Creekside Market Day tomorrow. We cleaned garlic, picked and arranged flowers, picked herbs and got lots of veggies ready.

Come see us between 9 and 2. We will have our tent up in case of rain.

Our July Creekside Market is coming up and we’re getting ready. The summer vegetables are starting to come in – tomatoes, beans, peppers, zucchini, eggplant and garlic. We are picking some beautiful flowers, the hens are picking up the egg laying pace – YAY! We will have our regular honey and creamed honey available along with our hand-made goats milk & honey soap. Made here with local milk and our own honey.

neem soap and cucumber soap curing

We will have 2 new “summer” soaps – #1 is our neem soap with Lemon eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender essential oils and marshmallow powder. #2 is cucumber with green tea – made with cucumber pulp, yogurt, green tea powder and some extra special oils – hemp seed and shea butter.

We will be in our farmstand from 9am until 2 pm.

The stand will be open after that for self service with our regular items – vegetables and eggs.

If you are interested in honey or soap and can’t make it during market times – please contact us ahead of coming out.


message on our FB page

call 815-467-5259

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Fresh flowers and veggies!

It looks like the rain has stopped and the cooler is full! Stop out to our self service farmstand for some fresh flowers, green beans, zucchini, bell, Shishitto, Melrose and Jimmy Nardello sweet peppers, kohlrabi, eggs, heirloom flour and garlic.

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Tomatoes, sunflowers and beans!

We will be picking our first sunflowers of the season this morning along with green beans! We also have started picking sweet peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini and still have kale, scallions, herb plants and stone ground flour or cornmeal.

We have various egg sizes while we wait for the young hens to make bigger eggs. In addition to our regular eggs for $5.00 per dz, we have medium size for $4.00 per dz and small for $3.00 per 18 pk

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The hens are enjoying the freshly mowed pasture and the things (voles and bugs) that are now exposed.

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1 Day until our June Creekside Market Day

Whole Chicken

Whole Chicken

Creamed Honey

Clear Honey and Goats milk soap

Our June Market is 1 day away on Saturday – June 16th 

We will be in the farmstand from 9 until 2 with our seasonal produce,herb plants, hand made goats milk soap, our honey, our stone ground heirloom grains and alpaca products.

We will have whole fresh heritage style chicken available for $4.00 per pound (average 4 pounds). They are raised with free pasture access.  In addition to the vegetation from the pasture, they are fed a mix of certified organic feed and oats that we raise on our farm. This will be our only batch this year and they will sell out quickly.

We will update available produce when we get closer to the date

*Update – we have kale lettuce, garlic scapes and fresh herbs

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Last Call for Organic Tomato Plants

We will have our organic heirloom tomato plants available in our farmstand thru this weekend. They’re healthy and ready to be planted in your garden!

$1.50 each or 10 for $10.00

We also have several types of herb plants available for 2.00 each

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Butter lettuce

We have butter lettuce in the farmstand cooler

Washed and spun and delicious! – $3.00 per bag

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Making Hay

We will be bailing hay today and will have it available for pick-up from the field for $3.50 per bale. It’s a 50/50 mix of alfalfa and orchard grass – no weeds – no rain

Call 815-715-3590


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Organic Plants

We still have a nice selection of organic tomato, pepper and herb plants. We would like them to find a good home so are lowering their price to $2.00 per plant or 10 plants for $15.00

Now is the perfect time to plant your heat loving garden plants. We still have a nice selection of tomato, pepper and herb plants. All are growing in organic soil and were grown in our organic greenhouse. We choose our varieties for their great flavor and healthy growth.

Here is what we have available:


German Pink, Blue Beauty, Black Brandywine, Copia, Mortgage Lifter, Atlantic prize, Martian Giant, Rosabec, Arkansas Traveler, Raspberry Lyanna, Mountain magic, Black Verissage, Moskovich, Napal, Big Rainbow, Barns Mountain yellow, Gold Medal, Woodle orange, San marzano, San Remo, Sungold, Black Cherry, Galiana, Pink Bumblebee


Flavorburst, Islander, Lunchbox Red and Yellow, Jimmy Nardello, Shishito


Sweet basil, rosemarry, French tarragon, Italian orageno, dill

All above plants are $2.00 each

Lavander – $4.00 each

pansies – $1

Plants are available in our self service stand. If you have questions about a particular variety, you can send us a message or check on-line.


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Fresh Asparagus

Our asparagus patch has finally reached maturity and we are picking daily. If you’ve only eaten asparagus from the grocery store – you will be amazed at the difference in flavor!

$5.00 per 1 pound bag

We also have our Turkey Red wheat berries available to use in our roasted asparagus & wheat berry recipe – which can be found under the Recipes from Pam section. – $3.00


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Spring Pansies

We have pansies in the farmstand!

They’re planted in a 10 inch bowl in organic soil and were raised in our organic greenhouse. 

$15.00 each

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1 day until Creekside Market! May 12th – Rain or Shine!

We will be setting up some of our market items in our garage tomorrow since the forecast is calling for rain.

In addition to the pre-made herb planters, we will have the option of choosing the herbs you want to make your own planter! We will also have the herbs for sale along with our sweet peppers, heirloom tomatoes and pansies – all growing in organic soil.

For those looking for some extra fertility in their garden, we have alpaca “beans” available in cat litter buckets for $5.00 per bucket (plus a $1.00 refundable deposit for the bucket).

Our Creekside Market was very successful last year so we will be continuing it this year. The first market of the season will be on Saturday, May 12th from 9 until 2.

Organic Herb Planter – Pansy, sweet basil, dill, French tarragon, Italian oregano, chives and rosemary

We will be in our vegetable stand with these lovely organic herb planters, our own seasonal produce, eggs, stone ground heirloom cornmeal & flour, organic tomato and sweet pepper transplants, local honey from our farm, alpaca fiber items (yarn, nest ball kits, raw fiber), and our own hand-made goats milk soap!

The stand will still continue to be open during our normal hours – Every day from 8 am until 7 pm but will not be stocked with the alpaca items, soap or honey. Please contact us for those items. 

 We can answer your questions about the plants we have available and if the weather is nice enough, I will be spinning some fiber into yarn with my spinning wheel!

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Greenhouse Day

It’s a beautiful day to be a kitty or a person working in the greenhouse!

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Sorting Alpca fiber

Using the last empty space in the greenhouse to sort and clean our Suri alpaca fiber. Even unwashed – it looks lovely!

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Beautiful fiber in the making! Leonardo and his ever doting mama.

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The Farm Stand is Open!

We opened the farmstand and have it stocked with eggs and our stone ground grain! 

We have whole wheat flour that was stone ground from Turkey Red wheat.  Turkey Red is a hard red winter wheat so the flour is a good bread flour. It’s a heirloom wheat that originated in Ukraine.

Our Floriani Red Flint is an Italian heirloom that was developed for polenta. It can also be used for baking but is a hard corn so requires some soaking.

Our heirloom yellow corn is a finer grind and great for baking.

All of our grains are grown here using organic practices. We stone grind in small batches for freshness and maximum nutrition.

$5.00 for a 3 pound bag

The cooler is stocked with eggs from our pastured raised and organically fed hens.

$5.00 per dozen


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Creamed Honey and Stone ground grains are back!

Our bee keeper made creamed honey from our Creekside Natural Farm honey. It has a smooth butter like texture and is especially delicious on toast, biscuits, muffins, ect…

 $13.00 per 1 pint jar

Stone ground grains 

Top left is Turkey Red wheat flour – a heirloom hard wheat that’s great for bread baking

Top right is heirloom yellow corn meal – ground for baking and makes wonderful cornbread

Bottom is Floriani Red Flint corn meal – Italian heirloom ground coarse for polenta

Cornbread, corn muffins, polenta and pizza dough recipes are listed under Recipes from Pam

Grains come in a 3 pound package – $5.00


Call 815-467-5259

Email pam@creeksidenaturalfarm.com

Send a FB message

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Eggs and Honey


Our girls are still producing eggs and we also have honey. To avoid making a wasted trip, please contact us before coming out between 8 am and 5 pm.

Please either call 815-467-5259 or

email pam@creeksidenaturalfarm.com or

send a message on our FB page

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Self service eggs

While we are experiencing the warm weather, we will have “self service” eggs available. There is a plastic bag in the cooler where you can leave your money.

Eggs are $5.00 per dozen

We will keep the cooler replenished throughout the day and will take it in at 5:00

For safety reasons, we cannot allow self service sales after dark.

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Eggs and Honey

We have eggs and honey available for pick up.

Eggs are $5.00 per dozen and come from our own pasture raised  hens – raised and fed organically

Honey is $13.00 for a 1 pound jar and comes from hives on our farm – raw and unfiltered

You can set up a time by

calling 815-467-5259 (leave a message if no answer)

email pam@creeksidenaturalfarm.com

send a message on our Facebook page

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