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Creekside Natural Farm
1221 W. Bell Road
Minooka, Illinois, USA 60447
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Roadside Stand

Open daily from early spring until late fall. Visiting our Roadside Stand is the best way to experience hand-picked fresh produce on a regular basis.  Bill built the farm stand several years ago and it’s been a big hit with all of our regular customers.  There’s something special about coming to the farm to see what’s fresh, ripe, and ready for dinner.

We do not offer U-Pick so all available produce will be picked and stocked in our Farmstand.

Outside of Farm Visit Days we’re a full time working farm.  We have no full time staff, so we’re really busy and don’t always have time to stop and talk.  For your safety, please heed these cautions when you visit our farm:

Farm Safety

  1. Electric Fences: Please do not touch any fences.  Many of them are electrified in order to keep our animals safe from predators.
  2. Guard Dog: Please do not approach our German Shepherd (named Baron).  Baron is very protective, as you have surely heard by his loud barking.  He’s on a leash 100% of the time, so you don’t have to worry that he’ll come to greet you.
  3. Attend to Children: Please do not leave children unattended.  You are responsible, because we will be hard at work and not looking out for them.


Farm Visit Days

We welcome customers and the community during Farm Visit Days scheduled throughout the year.  With a full “day off” we can provide safe tours of the property, talk to kids and adults about farming, introduce our animals, and sometimes demonstrate an aspect of farm life such as harvesting grain with a big tractor.  All Farm Visit Days are published in advance on our website and Facebook page.

Map of Creekside Natural Farm

Bulk Orders

Please call or email if you would like a large quantity of any item.  We’re happy to meet your special requests, but need advance notice so that we pick exactly what you want.

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