New Plant Containers!

We are excited to be using these biodegradable containers this year!

We’ve tried other brands but found them too thin to hold up in the greenhouse but still not really “plantable”. We’ve also tried different plastic containers – including one made from recycled plastic – but just don’t feel good about adding more plastic into the environment.

So, here is our new “find”! It isn’t “plantable” but is compostable. It’s a sturdy 4 inch container that we feel will hold up to the longer greenhouse time that peppers and eggplant require and also be great for tomatoes. 

Most of our herbs will still be in the plastic containers because we already own them.

They are recyclable & we hope our customers will choose to do that. 

  • Made of 82% Biobased Content – USDA Biopreferred® Certified
  • Made of 100% Recycled Fiber – FSC® 100% Recycled Certified
  • Produced in a closed-loop water recycling facility
  • Produced with recycled newsprint and corrugated fibers
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