Sustainability Initiatives

Natural, Sustainable, Non-GMO

We don’t label our farm “Organic” simply because of the exorbitant cost of annual fees and inspections, but we follow all of the best practices for your health and ours.  Our produce is strictly Non-GMO, our growing, fertilizing, and bug control methods are all natural, and we design all of our farm systems to work together with long term sustainability in mind.  Combined, these practices greatly exceed the minimum standards to be called Certified Organic.



Habitat for pollinators

In 2016 we added a 19 acre pollinator habitat to compliment our existing smaller habitats. Our habitats are spread around the farm. A variety of plants have been chosen to meet the needs of various bees, butterflies and birds. 



Trees Forever Logo Reduced Size

Trees Forever – Illinois Buffer Partnership

We’ve planted 100 native trees and shrubs over the past three years in support of healthy soil, water purity, and erosion prevention.  These plantings run along our creek and throughout the farm, so keep an eye out for them on your next visit. They were chosen for the pollen, fruit or nuts they produce.  We water these trees and shrubs by hand using water which is collected in a 1000 gallon tank plumbed to the roof of our barn.

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    do you hire, I have experience working on farms i want to find an organic for for hire

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