Creekside Market Day – Plant Sale

Our first Creekside market Day of 2024 will be on May 4th – from 8am until 1pm

Our greenhouse is full of baby plants in various stages of growth. We grow all of our own plants – either from seed or cuttings – in organic soil & with organic fertilizer. If we happen to have an insect problem, we use only organic products to keep things under control. 

In addition to the following, we will have some surprises for Mothers Day gifting.

Spring garlic can be planted with close spacing for green garlic or given more space for fall harvest of garlic bulbs.

Tomato plants will have 1 more “up potting” into their compostable containers.

Pansies will be just 1 of the flower plants we will offer this year.

Orange thyme is among 1 of the many herbs we are growing this year!

Freshly up potted broccolini, broccoli, cauliflower & cabbage

Hand made goat milk soap

We have also been busy making our goat milk soap. That has been curing for about 2 weeks and will be ready for our Market Day.

Raw & Local fluid honey
1 pound in glass or plastic with dispenser lid

Raw & Local Comb Honey

Plant pre- orders can be picked up any time on Market Day. We will have them ready for you. They will also be available for pick up the following week by appointment. 

This will be our only summer Market Day this year.

You will still be able to pick up honey and soap by appointment throughout the summer.


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