We will have our organic tomato plants available for sale at our Creekside Market Day on May 7th. We have cut back on some varieties based on their performance (or lack of) in the past few years. We’ve also added a few new varieties to our list of favorites. Most are heirloom varieties. Sungold, Estiva & Jet Star (new this year by request) are hybrids that we grow because they are customer favorites. FYI – a hybridizing is not the same in any way as a genetic modification.

Although some of our varieties have changed – our price has not. Still $3.50 for a plant that’s grown from seed in our organic greenhouse!

Our plants are still happily hanging out in our warm greenhouse but will be ready to go to their new home on May 7th.  Just because you see plants for sale in the big box stores does not mean it’s time to plant them in our zone (5b). Our last average frost date is May 11th.





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