Creekside Market Day May 6th

Our first Creekside Market Day of 2023 is May 6th.

In addition to our organic garden plants, we have been busy making our goat milk soap & body products. We will have plenty of our raw honey and also our Suri alpaca yarn.

All of our plants are growing in organic soil in our organic greenhouse. Most are heirlooms – that means you can save the seed (after hand pollinating & isolating a blossom) and grow the exact same variety from that seed. It also means that variety was chosen for incredible flavor – not the ability to ship the produce across the country & not necessarily for the perfect appearance of the tomato, eggplant, pepper, ect… We do grow a few hybrids (not at all the same as GMO) because we have requests for some – like Sungold  cherry tomatoes and dwarf tomatoes for containers. We choose some hybrid sweet bell peppers because we have not found a reliable heirloom that turns color in our climate (Red Knight, Flavorburst & Cupid are examples). All of our herbs are grown from open pollinated seed or cuttings that we take from our own plants.

Tomato plants

Pepper plants

Herb plants

Cabbage & celery

Cabbage & celery

Broccoli, parsley & yarrow

Rosemary & lavender

Sunflowers, summer squash, cucumbers & cantaloupe

Cilantro, celery, sweet marjoram, chamomile, parsley, lettuce, onions & yarrow

Our raw honey come from hives on our farm

Raw & Local fluid honey
1 pound in glass or plastic with dispenser lid

2 new soaps this season – 1 with a new scent and 1 with a new shape

Both made with local goat milk and organic oils & butters (Olive, coconut, tallow, shea & castor)


Gardeners bar



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