Spring Soap in progress

My first batch of Spring soap is Lilac – because it’s my favorite!

All of our soap is made here in small batches. We use organic and sustainable ingredients  – local when possible. Our goat milk comes from a local farm. The majority of our soap is made with the following ingredients. We do make a sea salt bar with no animal products and  – what I call a Luxury bar with added butters replacing some of the coconut oil & some extra wonderful EO’s.

Local goat milk, organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic tallow (from grass fed/local beef), organic shea butter, organic castor oil, Creekside honey, Lilac FO & lavender pigment.

I will be making soap from now until about mid March. We like to give our soap a minimum of 6 weeks for curing. As the soap cures, the liquid evaporates and the chemical process between the oils and the lye continues. The result is a nice long lasting and mild bar of soap.

Up until the past few months, we have been able to keep our ingredient costs down by using what we had purchased at the “old” prices. We are now using ingredients with a much higher cost and will be raising our price to $6.00 per bar. The new price will start with our May Creekside Market Day. We do have some bars still available at the $5.00 price. So, if you need soap now, let me know. I can send you a list.

email pam@creeksidenaturalfarm.com

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call 815-467-5259



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