Fresh Honey Supply

Our Bee Keeper brought us a fresh batch of our honey and added a new option.

He bottled up a combination of comb & fluid honey.

Raw & Local Honey

Raw & Local
Comb/Fluid honey

Raw & Local Comb/Fluid Honey

Comb/Fluid honey

Raw & Local fluid honey
1 pound in glass or plastic with dispenser lid

Raw & Local Comb Honey

Some believe that the comb is more nutritious than eating just the honey itself, as it contains a natural antibiotic, bee pollen, and large amounts of propolis.

We have raw honey that is produced on our organic farm.

While we can’t control where the bees from our hives choose to forage – 

we do provide them with plenty of great options! 

Our Farm yard is filled with organic vegetables, flowers, flowering trees & flowering cover crops. We also have 20 acres of pollinator habitat, 8 acres of Monarch butterfly habitat and the remainder of our fields are planted in grass and alfalfa. The alfalfa gets a lovely purple flower that the bees love. 

Honey is available by appointment & can be picked up in our Farmstand for the next few weeks (until it becomes too cold). 

call 815-467-5259


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