Preparing for Fall & Winter

 As the season changes to fall, it’s time to get ready for colder weather and an end to the fresh summer vegetables. We still have peppers, butternut squash, pumpkins for baking (and a few for decorating), garlic and some lovely succulents. 

Peppers can be easily preserved in your freezer, pickled and kept in your refrigerator or pickled and canned (still pretty easy).

Pumpkins can be baked/mashed & frozen or canned. 

Garlic can be stored for several months in your pantry or dry basement

Honey last forever – literally!

Our goatmilk soap will leave you skin clean without excessive drying – even when you’re washing your hands many times each day.

Body butter and lotion bars offer great protection from dry winter air inside and cold winter air outside.

And, easy to care for succulent plants to bring a little green into your fall/winter!

Please place your order for honey, soap & lotions ahead of coming out. They are never stocked in the Farmstand. 

call us at 815-467-5259


send us a message on our FB page

If you are looking for honey – we have 1 pound jars in glass or plastic with a dispenser lid, comb honey and 2 ounce bears.

1 pound jar $13.

Honey in Comb $20.

2 ounce Honey Bear $3.

Our handmade goatmilk soap, body butter  & lotion bar sticks are ready 

Goatmilk Soap $5.


Creamy Body Butter $14.00
Lavender, Lilac or Sweet orange Ylang-Ylang

Lotion Bar $14.00
Lavender or Sweet orange Ylang-Ylang

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