Eggs are back in the cooler

The wait for eggs is finally over!


We currently have our “Nest Run” mix of large eggs for $5.00 per dozen

And – while they last – our medium size eggs for $ per 18 pack

Eggs are available in our Self-service Farmstand cooler. We collect them and re-stock every day. 

Our hens are on “Free Choice” pasture and are supplemented with certified organic feed. That means that they come and go as they please. They usually choose to be in the shade during the heat of the day. When they choose to be outside, you can see them from the Farmstand. However, they are protected from predators with an electric fence. So, we ask that you stay in the immediate area of the Farmstand. Two of our alpacas spend the summer with them for some added protection from flying predators. We have a pretty healthy hawk population and they seem to be deterred by the alpacas.


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