Potato Sets and Organic Seed

Potato Sets and High Mowing organic Seeds are available in our Farmstand. 

The potato sets pre-weighed and placed in trays.  The trays allow good air flow and also prevent the little sprouts from getting broken off. Each tray contains 1 pound of sets so please take a full tray. And, Please don’t re-arrange potatoes between trays.

Open the “Potato Set” post on our blog or FB page to get a list of varieties. There is also some potato growing information under the “Gardening Tips” tab on out blog.

$5.00 per tray

Organic seed packets from High Mowing Organic Seeds are located in the cooler. We have chosen seeds that are best for direct planting. The seeds in the “Cool Season” display can be planted now. The “Warm season” seeds can be planted after all danger of frost – usually around Mothers Day. Some of the display slots have more than 1 variety of seed so be sure to check for that. For example, there are 2 different varieties of cucumbers, sunflowers & zinnias and 3 varieties of lettuce.

$3.00 per package


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