Potato Sets

Bintje – Suitable for a large container Netherlands heirloom, most widely grown, high yielder, keeps well Netherlands heirloom from 1904 and the most widely-grown yellow variety in the world. High yielder of medium-sized tubers, keeps exceptionally well, grows anywhere, and has excellent flavor anyway you fix them.

Austrian Crescent – Smooth, yellow-tan skin and light yellow flesh. Prolific yields run as long as 10″, some weight as much as 7oz. Excellent salad qualities, firm and waxy, or delicious simply boiled or steamed. Our favorite is to chunk them and roast with garlic, rosemary & olive oil. Limited quantities available

A taste-test favorite, Purple Viking is a large, early, all-purpose potato. The meaty tubers have unique purple-pink mottled skin and moist, bright white flesh with a rich, slightly sweet and buttery flavor. Excellent for both mashing and baking.

Rose Gold – Rose Gold – Rosy red skin with a creamy delicious deep yellow flesh. Dry flesh is perfect baked or steamed. Disease resistant.

Our certified potato sets are here and are one of the things you can plant now!

Potato sets will be available starting Sunday  – April 9th – in our self service farmstand.

We choose specific varieties based on flavor, plant health & good yield. Potatoes are a fun project and one of the vegetables that have an amazing flavor difference compared to the typical grocery store varieties. 

$5.00 per container – Rose Gold, Bintje & Purple Viking are 1 pound – Austrian Crescent is 12 ounces 

Root Pouch Planting Bag Available is 15 gallon size – $10.00 and 7 gallon size – $6.00

Made from a blend of recycled plastic water bottles & natural fibers.

The 15 gallon bag is perfect for potatoes!

We will also have organic soil available but are waiting for delivery.



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