Container Size Tomatoes

We are growing a few varieties of determinate dwarf tomatoes. All are perfect for growing where you don’t have a garden bed. 

Plants are growing in organic soil and raised from seed in our organic greenhouse. 

We will be selling them in 4 inch biodegradable Fertil pots for $3.50 each

Cyril’s Choice – An early dwarf tomato that is also very productive for such small vines. Plants produce several flushes of dark red fruit, yielding later into the season than other determinate types. Fruit are little 2-3 oz saladettes with good sweet flavor. At 2′ tall they are good for container gardening

Amber 1-3 oz, yellow-gold globes are plentiful and early, yielding for quite a while despite being determinate.

Gundula – Dwarf bushes produce medium-sized, 2-3 oz meaty fruit prolifically and early. Very good for container gardening, as plants only reach 12-20” tall at maturity.

Uralskiy Ranniy – super early dwarf plants are very well-suited for container culture. Red, 2-4 oz, mini-beefsteak shaped fruit are juicy with good flavor.

Root Pouch Planting Bag

Root Pouch planting bags are perfect for container tomatoes. The 7 gallon size will fit a tomato plant in the center and you can plant some early seeds like lettuce around the edge. $6.00 each for the 7 gal. We also have some 15 gal bags for $10.00

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