We have finished digging all of our garlic and have it curing in the barn.

It takes a couple of weeks to cure but can also be used in it’s “green” condition.

Curing brings a more mellow flavor and dries the wrapper. It also brings out the beautiful color of the the pink & purple wrappers. Cured garlic can be stores for months in the correct conditions. You can braid it and hang it in your kitchen (lots of videos on line) – just snip off a bulb as you need it. It’s possible to braid some of the softer stemmed hard neck varieties while they are still green, but easier with the soft neck varieties.

We will be selling the green garlic this week and we start with the hard neck varieties.

Large bulbs are $2.00 each

Jumbo bulbs are $3.00 each

We will have our Music variety of garlic separated for those who want this variety.

They will be priced at $3.00 each.

Music garlic is a “Garlic Lovers” garlic! This garlic variety is prized for it’s mild flavor and ease of peeling. Its flavor is well developed without any bitterness, and it does not disappear when cooked. Just one clove can add so much flavor to any recipe, so it is time-saving! This variety keeps well until April or May when stored properly. Most bulbs average 4-5 cloves.

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