Seeds, plants and eggs

We have had requests for organic seed so we ordered a small countertop seed rack with seed for plants that do well directly seeded (rather than grown as transplants). The seeds came yesterday but the display rack did not. So, rather than wait for the display – I made one. The seeds are in the farmstand in a plastic (pest and moisture proof) tote. 

French filet green beans, pickling and slicing cucumbers, patty pan squash, beets, carrots, 2 types of leaf lettuce blend, sweet basil and sunflowers.

$2.50 per package

We finished our tomato planting yesterday and have put the plants we didn’t need in the Farmstand for sale. Here is what we have as of this morning (5/24):

Mountain magic – 1

Purple Russian – 6

Black Brandywine – 1

Lee’s Golden – 1

Copia – 1

Big Rainbow – 2

Sungold – 1

Barne’s mountain yellow – 1

Carbon – 3

Piglet Willie – 2

Bell Pepper – Red Knight – 8

French Tarragon – 6

Cilantro – 1

Native Colombine (hummingbirds love it!) – 6

Lavender – 8

Lavender plants are $5.00

All other plants are $3.00

Both small eggs and our regular large mix are in the cooler – $5.00

Honey and goatmilk soap is available for pick-up in the stand by pre-order

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