Bread Lab – Round 2

Yesterday I worked on a recipe that is a little less challenging than the wild yeast sourdough that I usually make with our flour. I started with a recipe from my favorite Williams-Sonoma baking book and made an adjustment to the flour. I used 4 cups of our sifted Turkey Red stone ground flour and 2 cups of organic all purpose flour. It rose beautifully but ended up a little too fluffy for our preference. So, if you like fluffy bread – this is perfect. Next batch I will try 100% whole wheat.

Our Flour is available in 5 pound buckets for $10.00

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We also have stone ground cornmeal in a 3 pound bag for $5.00

Honey from hives on our farm – 1 pound jar $13.00

And, a variety of hand-made goatmilk soap – $5.00


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