Grinding wheat this morning

I’ve been baking more bread than usual while we have been staying home so had used all of our flour. So, this morning we brought the stone grinder out for grinding some of our Turkey Red wheat into flour.  We do not sell the bread but we do sell the flour. We also have lots of food grade buckets that come with our oils for soap making. They originally held coconut oil and have a nice tight fitting lid. We’ve washed them and are re-purposing them to hold flour.

Each bucket holds 5 pounds. $10.00 per bucket

I make a 100% sourdough (no additional yeast) with our flour & have found that this flour works best for me with a long (overnight) rise. There are several recipes for no-knead bread that use regular yeast and are far less complicated for a beginning baker. Breadtopia is a great resource for recipes as well as supplies. I would suggest starting with their No-knead recipe. Also, sifting at least half of the flour gives me a better rise.

Stone grinding our Turkey Red wheat into flour.

Stone ground Turkey Red whole wheat flour

Heritage Turkey Red Whole Wheat Flour

Our whole wheat flour contains 100% of the vitamins and minerals naturally occurring in wheat. Turkey Red is a heritage variety of wheat that was brought to the U.S. in the 1870’s, and was widely grown in Wisconsin a century ago.  This flour has moderate protein, and excellent all-around baking qualities.     


Why Stone Ground?

Our flour is produced simply by grinding grain between two stones, a technique that is centuries old. Stone milling maintains the grain’s integrity to produce flour that is more fresh, flavorful and nutritious. 

Store in refrigerator. Best within 3 months – freeze for longer storage.     

Contact us ahead of coming out and we will leave your order in our farmstand.

No lines and no crowds!

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We also have Cornmeal, liquid honey, comb honey, hand-made goat milk soap and hand-made lotion bars (great for your excessively washed hands!)

Heirloom Yellow Corn Stone-ground Cornmeal $5.00

Raw honey from hives on our farm $13.00

Raw Comb honey $20.00

Goat milk soap $5.00

Lotion Bar $14.00
Lavender or Sweet orange Ylang-Ylang

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