Creekside Market – December edition – December 1st

We had several people ask how they can shop with us for soap, honey, yarn and other non seasonal items after the farmstand has closed for the season. So, we are hosting a December Creekside Market!

December 1st from 9am until 2pm

Following are some of the items we will have at the market. They will also be available in Gift Sets all ready for your Gifting Needs. 


Raw honey from hives on our farm 

Curing soap

Aleppo style soap – olive and laurel berry oil -no milk

Suri alpaca fiber from Freedom

Suri alpaca yarn and roving

Body butter

We will also have stone ground yellow or Floriani Red Flint cornmeal and Turkey Red wheat flour – all raised and ground on our farm. 


We will be set up in our garage from 9 until 2!


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