Pumpkins and fresh Honey

Our bee keeper delivered our second batch of honey yesterday. This is “summer honey” from hives on our farm. While we can’t totally control where the bees fly, we purposely have lots of “bee food” planted on the entire farm. We have a 20 acre pollinator habitat at the north end, flowering shrubs and trees planted on both creeks, several smaller pollinator habitats and vegetables on the south end, and LOTS of flowering “weeds” like white clover. We believe that the large amount of forage we provide for our bees will keep them on our property and away from spray!

1 pound jar is $13.00 (Glass or plastic)

Honey bear (2 oz) is $3.00

We had a great pumpkin crop this year. Pumpkins are on wagons next to the farmstand. We also have pie pumpkins inside the stand.

Small are $2.00, medium – $5.00, large – $7.00

And, we have lots of beautiful sweet peppers, jalapeno and poblano peppers, garlic, tomatoes, beans and eggplant.

Our hens are starting to molt (grow feathers for winter) so are not laying as many eggs. We put eggs in the cooler as we collect them but they move fast.

Contact us ahead for honey as we don’t leave it in the stand for sale.



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12 Responses to Pumpkins and fresh Honey

  1. Hi Sara Plese, your peppers are in the stand. Thanks, Pam

  2. Sara Plese says:

    Creekside Natural Farm I’ll pick them up tomorrow between 11 and 12. Thanks again.

  3. Either is fine, just let me know

  4. Sara Plese says:

    Great! I’ll be there Friday midday. I could also pick them up Wednesday if that’s better.

  5. Hi Sara Plese, $20.00 a half is about 14 pounds.

  6. Sara Plese says:

    Creekside Natural Farm thanks, no rush.

  7. I will weigh some out this morning and figure out the price.

  8. Friday afternoon is fine. I have either roasted and frozen them or dehydrated them. They don’t need to be blanched for freezing but the roasting gives them more flavor and you remove the skin. It is also quite a bit of work. If you cut them in half, remove the seeds and freeze them, the skin will probably slip right off when they thaw.

  9. Sara Plese says:

    Oh actually I forgot it would be more like later in the day on Friday. Probably 3ish…

  10. Sara Plese says:

    Does Friday work? I can come anytime between 9 and 11. Thanks! How much for a bushel again? Freezing those would be ok to do right? They are so good in chili and omelettes!

  11. Hi Sara, I can pick a half bushel this week for you. When would you want it?

  12. Sara Plese says:

    Love your poblanos, among everything else! Will you be selling them by the bushel again this year? I was kicking myself last year for not getting a bushel to freeze!!!