New Tomato program


We Have lots of beautiful heirloom tomatoes and have started a new program for them today.

In an effort to please as many people as possible – we will not be boxing the tomatoes in cartons. That means you get to pick the size, color, ripeness and pint or quart quantity. If you want to mix colors,  sizes or ripeness in one carton – that’s OK too. You can even get really crazy and mix some cherry tomatoes with regular tomatoes!

We have empty pint and quart cartons in the stand so you can use them to measure.

$2.50 per pint and $4.00 per quart

We can re-use clean cartons from non-smoking homes so please feel free to return them if you take them home.

We are picking sweet corn daily and should have plenty by Sunday. Non-GMO and no insecticide, herbicide or fungicide.

$6.00 per dozen

We also have green beans, several types of summer squash, kale, pickle cucumbers, eggplant, several types of sweet peppers,  jalapeno peppers, garlic and potatoes.


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3 Responses to New Tomato program

  1. You are such a visionary! 🙂

  2. Thanks Renee. It came to me in a vision after finding several boxes of tomatoes that were missing 1 or 2.