Tomato Planting Time

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Tomato planting time is almost here (after the possible frost tonight).  We have a variety of heirloom tomato and herb plants available for sale in the stand. Some of the tomato varieties are Purple Cherokee, Mortgage Lifter, Sungold Cherry, Black Cherry, Martian Giant, German Pink. We have too many to list so if you’re looking for a particular variety, you can contact us. We will be adding basil plants to the stand tomorrow. They are the most sensitive to cold and we don’t like to risk their happiness!. We have Genovese, Lemon, Opal and Purple Ruffles.

Our plants are grown in Purple Cow organic soil and never sprayed so are safe for your pollinators. All plants are $2.00

Also in the stand this week:

Eggs from our AWA  (pasture raised & organic fed) hens – $5.00 per dz

Turkey Red wheat berries – $3.00

Asparagus – $5.00

And just starting to pick spinach and arugula

Available with prior arrangement, we have frozen stewing hens for $4.00 per pound



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5 Responses to Tomato Planting Time

  1. Rhonda White says:

    I will probably be by tomorrow!!!

  2. Rhonda White, Basil is in the stand

  3. Got my asparagus yesterday, looking forward to spinach and arugula!!!

  4. Its supposed to be cold tonight so they’re still in the greenhouse.

  5. Rhonda White says:

    No basil plants today?