Fall and winter availability


Stewing hens are $4.00 per pound and average 3 to 4 pounds. They were raised with free access to grass and clovee pasture and supplemented with organic feed .

We also have lamb chops, leg of lamb and stew meat from our pasture raised Katahdin sheep. Katadhin sheep are a breed that was developed especially for mild flavor and our spend their entire life on grass pasture. The only supplement they receive is kelp meal – never any grain and never any type of growth hormone or antibiotic.

Chops are $20.00 per pound and come in a 1/2 pound package of 2 chops
Stew meat is $10.00 per pound in aprox 1 pound package
Leg of lamb is $12.00 per pound and is aprox 3 – 4 pounds

In addition to meat, we will be grinding our Turkey Red wheat and FlorianiĀ  Red Flint corn. Both are heirloom grains raised using organic practices.

And we will have potatoes, garlic, herbs and eggs available .

We currently are keeping the eggs in the stand until it gets too cold. There may be a few nights this week when we will take them out for the over night. When we take them out for the winter, they will be available by contacting us ahead of coming out.

All of the items above are available by contacting us at 815-467-5259
Or pam@creeksidenaturalfarm.com

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