Whole chickens

Whole Chicken

Whole Chicken

We are taking pre-orders on whole or cut-up chickens that will be ready around the end of Oct. The price will be aprox. $3.75 per pound. If you would prefer your chicken cut-up, you can request that when you pre-order for an additional .55 cents per chicken.

Our chickens are fed exclusively on organic feed and raised on pasture where they are free to eat grass and get fresh air. We take them from the brooder room in the new barn to the pasture and they really enjoy being outside.

We take them to Arthur IL where they are processed in the only USDA inspected facility in the state of IL. After they are chilled, they are vacuum sealed in a heavy freezer bag and we bring them home in a freezer.

If you would like to try some before ordering, we have several whole frozen chickens from the group that was processed 3 weeks ago.



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  1. Carmen Schneider says:

    Hi Pam. My mom would like to have a whole fryer when they are ready. Thanks