The Farm Stand is Open!

We opened the farmstand and have it stocked with eggs and our stone ground grain! 

We have whole wheat flour that was stone ground from Turkey Red wheat.  Turkey Red is a hard red winter wheat so the flour is a good bread flour. It’s a heirloom wheat that originated in Ukraine.

Our Floriani Red Flint is an Italian heirloom that was developed for polenta. It can also be used for baking but is a hard corn so requires some soaking.

Our heirloom yellow corn is a finer grind and great for baking.

All of our grains are grown here using organic practices. We stone grind in small batches for freshness and maximum nutrition.

$5.00 for a 3 pound bag

The cooler is stocked with eggs from our pastured raised and organically fed hens.

$5.00 per dozen


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