Time to plant the Potatoes

We have our potato bed prepared and have been working on cutting the seed potatoes into chunks for planting. Depending on the size of the set and the number and location of “eyes” sprouting – we get between 2 – 4 chunks from each potato. We like to have 2 eyes on each chunk but if you have a really robust eye, you can get away with 1.  We give them a couple of days after cutting to form a skin on the cut side. That prevents the potato chunks from rotting in the cool spring soil. 

You can expect to get between 6 and 13 pounds of potatoes from 1 pound of sets.

Sets are available in our Farmstand. We also have Grow Bags & organic soil if you don’t have a garden spot for them.

Available varieties are Austrian Crescent, Binjte, Rose Gold & Purple Viking


*We have info on growing potatoes under the Garden at Home tab.


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