Root Pouch Planting bags

If you’re looking for an easier way to grow your own food – Planting Bags are a great option!

These heavy duty bags will last for multiple seasons. The handles make it easier to move them. And, they’re made from a combination of recycled plastic bottles and natural fiber.

We have 2 sizes available – 7 or 15 gallon

The 7 gallon size is good for 1 smaller tomato plant, peppers, eggplant, cucumber (with a trellis), carrots, beets, ect… You can also plant some early leafy greens around the edge with your warm season plant growing in the center. By the time the center plant starts to fill in, the early plants will be finished. So many options!

The 15 gallon bag is the perfect size for growing potatoes, 1 larger tomato plant or multiple smaller plants.

Root Pouch Planting Bag

We also have organic soil – $8.00 per bag

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