Tomato starting time!

Yesterday was a very busy tomato seed starting day – 915 seeds!

Most of these seed trays came with the baby plants we purchased (flowers, succulents & some of our herbs). We wash & disinfect them so that we can use them over and over. When we run out of them, we switch to biodegradable pots or make soil blocks. They still have to sit on a plastic tray, but it really reduces our use of plastic!

Our most beautiful seed packages (and most of our tomatoes) come from Bakers Creek Heirloom Seeds

Some of my favorites – Big Rainbow, Mortgage Lifter, Blue Beauty & Piglet Willy

A couple of new varieties – Golden of Siberia & Jasper

Plus several determinate dwarf varieties for container growing

In the next few weeks, we will add a complete list of varieties with information on how you can reserve your plants.

All of our plants are growing in Organic soil in our Organic greenhouse. We use biodegradable containers as much as possible for the plants we sell. 

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