Raw & Local Honey

1 Pound Jar $13.00

1 Pound Jar $13.00

Raw honey Comb $20.00

We have raw honey that is produced on our organic farm.

While we can’t control where the bees from our hives choose to forage – 

we do provide them with plenty of great options! 

Our Farm yard is filled with organic vegetables, flowers, flowering trees & flowering cover crops. We also have 20 acres of pollinator habitat, 8 acres of Monarch butterfly habitat and the remainder of our fields are planted in grass and alfalfa. The alfalfa gets a lovely purple flower that the bees love. 

Honey is available for pick-up by appointment

Send us a PM on Facebook

Send us an email to pam@creeksidenaturalfarm.com

Call us at 815-467-5259

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