Organic Plants

We will putting our organic transplants out for sale starting on Friday (May 1st). 

In an effort to keep everyone safe, we will be strictly following Social Distancing guidelines.

  • The plants will be outside of the Farmstand on one of our wagons. You will only need to go into the farmstand to pay or to pick-up something that you have pre-ordered.
  • No children under 16 outside of your vehicle
  • No more than 2 people at the wagon at one time. If you see that there are already 2 people when you pull in, please stay in your vehicle and wait for them to finish before getting out.
  • Please wear a mask or some type of covering for your mouth and nose.

Plants will be available from 9 am until 5 pm – depending on the weather. We will post any changes to that based on weather conditions. 

We will be available during the time that the plants are out for sale. However, we may not always be right there since we have lots of other chores.

Please do not leave the area directly around the stand and plants to come find us or for any other reason. We absolutely cannot allow any type of tour at this time!

Now – About our plants!

All of our plants are grown in organic soil in our organic greenhouse. The vegetables and some of the herbs are grown from seed – some starting as early as February!

Most of our plants are heirlooms. The exceptions are the Mountain Magic and Sungold tomatoes and the bell peppers. We grow these few hybrids because the 2 tomatoes are very popular and we have not found a heirloom bell pepper that will turn color early enough in our climate. There is a complete list of plant varieties on our blog and also on our FB page.

Tomatoes and peppers & eggplant are growing in 4 inch biodegradable pots. So, no plastic no root disturbance and quicker planting!

Most vegetable plants are $3.00. We also have some larger tomato plants that are $5.00.

Red Gold

Organic Potato sets (Red Gold and Carola are still available)  $5.00 per pound.

We will also have Tri-colored Sage, Chocolate mint & Rosemary plants $3.00

Lavender plants – $5.00

Rose Scented geranium – $5.00

Small aloe vera plants in clay pots $5.00

Small succulents – $3.00

Pansy planters – $10.00

Pansy plants – $2.00





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