Know How Your Meat is Raised

If you are interested in purchasing your meat from local farmers who raise they’re animals on pasture, here are a couple of great options.


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Tage Shumway raises a Berkshire/Tamworth cross on a beautiful wooded (oak & hickory) pasture. The pigs are born on his farm in a natural setting (no farrowing crates). In addition to the pasture forage, he supplements with certified organic feed from a local mill. 

He sells either a half or whole hog and will be taking some in for processing next week.

$2.00 per pound hanging weight and you pay processing.

You can contact him at

Beef , Chicken & Lamb

Jim and Ruth Draper at Graze-N-Grow Farm raise Belted Galloway cattle and Kathadin sheep on full pasture. They are also raising some Freedom Ranger chickens this year. The chickens are supplemented with certified organic feed from a local mill and also have pasture for foraging.


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