Honey, Cornmeal & Eggs

Honey, cornmeal, eggs, ect… are available in the winter by appointment only so Please contact us ahead of coming out (info below). This ever changing weather can sometimes lead to very slippery conditions – especially in the country.

Our honey is pure 100% honey from hives on our farm. Our bees have 76 acres of  “crops” to forage from. That includes more than 20 acres of pollinator habitat, several acres of vegetables, 30 acres of hay and pasture and our dandelion and clover filled yard. We farm using organic practices (no GMO’s). While we can’t control where our bees forage, we really can’t see any reason for them to leave this bee friendly paradise!

Raw honey from hives on our farm

Raw honey is $13.00 per 1 pound jar

Comb honey is $20.00 per container

We have Floriani Red Flint corn  – grown here with organic practices – stone ground on our farm to a coarse grind. Floriani is a hard corn that was developed in Italy for polenta or grits. We have a delicious polenta recipe on our site.

We also have heirloom yellow cornmeal that is a great baking cornmeal.

Cornmeal is $5.00 per bag

Wheat berries can be used like ferro – cooked whole ( we have a recipe on our site). They can also be ground into flour.

Wheat Berries are $3.00 per container

We kept a very small winter flock this year but they are working overtime. So, we have a limited amount of eggs available. Our hens eat a combination of certified organic ground feed and some whole grains (wheat and oats) that we grow on our farm using organic methods. They also get vegetable scraps – sourdough starter – pumpkins from last years garden – and anything they can find in the pasture.

Eggs are nest run and $5.00 per dz

Please contact us ahead of coming out



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