Creekside Natural Farm Honey

The honey is here!

We are hosting bee hives that are maintained by a local bee keeper. The bees forage on our land which includes 20 acres of pollinator habitat, pollinator friendly trees, our organic gardens and lots of clover and dandelions that cover most of our lawn areas.

This is the first extraction from our hives and will be the lightest honey of the season. Late summer and fall honey will be darker in color because the flowers change with the seasons.

This is 100% honey from our own hives. No added corn syrup and no honey from other locations mixed in. We are selling it in a 1 pound jar for $13.00 or in a 2 ounce sample bear for $3.00.

The honey will be available at our monthly Creekside Market. The July Market will be tomorrow (Saturday July 15th) from 9 till 2.

If you are not able to make it to the market, you can contact us to make arrangements for pick-up. We will not be leaving it in the stand.

815-467-5259 (leave a message if we don’t answer)

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3 Responses to Creekside Natural Farm Honey

  1. I would like a big bottle please!! Aimee Willis can you get me one and we can meet for coffee or do each other’s hair and get it from you?

  2. Yes, it is. Freshly extracted last week.