Morning Project

Our morning project was building a gate in the lean to so that Thomas and Luna can easily (meaning we don’t need to put halters and leads on) have access to the pasture that’s been re-seeded and “resting” since last spring. Since we only want them in there for a couple of hours at a time, the gate eliminates lots of stressful catching.

I love helping my family with the garden, there are so much things to do around here. Taking care of the animals, feeding them everyday, taking care of the crops, watering them when the soil is too dry and maintaining everything as clean as you possibly can.

For the past 3 months we have been giving it a thought, and finally agreed on starting with our new project. We found this website online where we contacted Home Renovations Do It All Contracting company and they helped us build some extra storage in the farm and also remodel our kitchen, because years have passed since we checked the house with experts.

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