Animal Communication Workshop

If your coming for the workshop tomorrow – dress warm as part of our time will be spent in the barn.

We will have some alpaca products and our first batch of lotion bars available for sale prior to the workshop – from 8:30 until 9:30. Cindy plans to be here around 9:15. So, if you would like to get more information on what the workshop is about or would just like to shop, come out during that time. We will be starting the workshop at 10:00. If you choose to stay, the fee is $65.00 – payable to Cindy.


Come join us for a day of fun and learning!

Creekside Natural Farm will be hosting Cindy Myers for a day of learning how to communicate with animals of all species.

We first learned of Cindy from an article in an alpaca magazine and were impressed with her methods and use of energy work to help the animals she was working with. So, when I sent her an e-mail and she said she would be in the area this spring and would be happy to come to our farm – I couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

Click on the link below to reserve your spot. There will be an option for an individual purchase. You will also have an option to get the discount for each friend you bring.

Illinois 2017 Workshop


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