Winter Egg program


It is officially too cold to keep eggs in the cooler so we are now on the “Winter egg program”.

We still have plenty of eggs, but you will need to either call or send a message before you come out. We hate to have you come out in the cold to find no one home. For insurance reasons, we will limit pick-up to daylight hours.

You can call us @ 815-467-5259


send a message on Facebook

Our eggs are $5.00 per dozen and Animal Welfare Approved certified – That means our hens live like a hen was meant to live – free access to grass pasture (when it’s not covered in snow), organic (Non GMO) feed and no antibiotics in their feed, water or given directly. You can check out the Animal Welfare Approved website for more information on the long list of requirements we follow. AWA has the most rigorous standards for farm animal welfare in the U.S.

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