Alpaca Drama

Yesterday we took 2 of our girls to Heritage Farms in Indiana in the back of a mini-van and brought Thomas Magnum back. The girls were quiet for most of the 3 hour ride but didn’t enjoy the stop in construction traffic. Parabella is loudly protesting – LOL. Tim and Beth took Thomas┬áto a couple of shows for us and he actually won a ribbon at the Futurity Show (right behind his 2 brothers who are also Magnum crias). His mama has another date with Magnum and Freedom with their Jeramiah. Looking forward to 2 crias next summer. And Thomas is enjoying being back home with his Uncle Rocky and the rest of his alpaca friends.


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5 Responses to Alpaca Drama

  1. There’s a video attached to this post

  2. Elvira Nunez says:

    Congratulations Pam & Tom! They’re all so cute!

  3. I’d love to see a photo of them in the back of a minivan!