Meat Chickens



Our chickens enjoying the fresh grass and sunshine!

We will be taking our broiler chickens (fast growing and great for the grill or other quick cooking methods) for processing on Monday (6-13) and they will be available on the following day. Because the way we choose to raise them is very labor intensive (we move them every day, coral them under the shelter at night to protect them from our resident owl, soak their feed for better digestion, drive 3 hours round trip to buy their certified organic feed,ect…), we have decided to only raise 1 batch for sale this year.¬†

They will average between 4-5 pounds and are $4.00 per pound for a whole chicken. They will be processed in Arthur Il where we feel they do a superior job and also offer the option of a cut-up chicken for an additional $1.oo per bird.

If you have pre-ordered, I will contact you about pick-up.

If you have not pre-ordered and would like more than 3, please contact us either by phone 815-715-3590 or email

I will plan to be available all day on Tuesday for pick-up, but it works best if I know what time your coming – I will have your chickens ready and you won’t have to wait for me to come up from the garden.

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9 Responses to Meat Chickens

  1. Sorry still at the Dr in Joliet waiting to be seen I hope to be there by 1200 or 1230

  2. Is it too late to order chickens???? I would like 5 cut up if I could???? I will message you… thank you!

  3. 11 is good. See you then

  4. we will head out after a dr appointment I hope to be there around 11 would that be okay?

  5. Hi Michelle, Chickens will be ready for pickup tomorrow. If you can give me an ETA, I’ll have them ready

  6. cut up would be great! Thanks!

  7. Would you like whole or cut up?

  8. Can I please order 2 chickens. I can pick up on Tuesday.