Tomato season is finally here!


wpid-img_20150906_21133.jpgThe tomatoes, peppers and okra really enjoyed the warm temps of the last couple of weeks and we’re picking lots. Also, still getting some eggplant and put a few bags of green beans in the stand this morning. That will be the last of the beans for this year.

If you would like to freeze, pickle, dehydrate or can peppers, we have plenty. We have Italian frying peppers, poblano and jalapeno available in larger quantities. You can also easily freeze or pickle okra. If you’re interested in a larger quantity, contact us by email at or phone at 815-467-5259

The abundance or peppers and tomatoes also means I’ve made another batch of Salsa!

In addition, we have potatoes, hard neck garlic, still getting some zucchini and plenty of eggs from our Animal Welfare Approved hens.


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