Eggs in the stand

The stand is open for the season and stocked with our Animal Welfare Approved and organic eggs.


We sell our eggs in cartons of 12 for $5.00 or 18 for $7.50

Creekside Natural Farm Egg facts:

Our eggs are not graded for size – that means you will get a variety of egg sizes in your carton.

Our eggs are only washed if they are dirty. On muddy days, we tend to wash more because the hens get muddy feet. When we do need to wash them we use warm water and let them air dry – no bleach!

Our hens have free access to the outside from sun-up to sun-down. They are currently in a smaller area until their pasture starts to turn green.

Our hens eat a blend or organic layer feed (from Yorktown Organics) mixed with oats and Floriani Red Flint corn that we grow. They also eat whatever they can find outside, and during the growing season they get lots of our veggie scraps. We also sprout some organic wheat seed for them in the winter.

Because we only sell our eggs from the farm, we can re-use clean egg cartons. We have a tray on the shelf to the right of the cooler where you can leave them.

Our stand works on the honor system and is self-service so you will need to bring cash. There is a slot in the island as you walk into the stand for you to drop your payment in.







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