Katahdin Lamb – Sold Out

We have taken deposits for all the whole lambs we will have available this year. We will still have lamb available by the piece (chops, leg, sausage)in the fall.

Lamb chops

We are considering raising an additional lamb to sell in its entirety. This will give you the opportunity to have it processed the way you want at a substantial savings.

  • How it will work:You will make a deposit of $100.00 between now and March 1stWe will raise the Katahdin lamb on our grass pasture with no grain, medication or growth hormones.

    In mid October, we will take it to the locker for processing and notify you.

    The following day, you will call the locker with your cutting order.

    Approximately 2 weeks later, we will pick up the meat and bring it back to our farm where you will pick it up and pay us the balance due.

    Your cost will be $10.00 per lb. on hanging weight (45-50 lbs.)

    We will pay for normal processing. If you want something unusual like a standing rack, they may charge extra. They also charge extra for sausage.

    We charge between $10.00 (ground lamb) and $20.00 (chops) for the lamb we sell by the package, so you can see this is a substantial savings over buying it by the package. You also get the option of ordering it they way you prefer. We only sell chops, legs and a very limited amount of ground.

  • If you are interested in reserving a whole lamb, we will need to know by March 1st and will also need your deposit to hold it. You can either e-mail pam@creeksidenaturalfarm.com or call 815-467-5259
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