Freshly Stone-ground grain

We put the stone grinder to work this week on our Floriani Red Flint corn and wheat berries.


Floriani Red Flint’ is a rare, open-pollinated red flint corn from Italy with unforgettable flavor — and the possibilities for cooking with it are endless.

This heirloom corn is an old variety from the Italian Alps that was originally selected for qualities that make great polenta. This particular variety is a landrace (a locally adapted variety that has more variation than a variety bred for specific qualities) from the Valsugana Valley, where subsistence farmers grew it as the staple food until the mid-20th century. While the hulls are red, the meal is a deep yellow with a hint of pink. It is physically beautiful and has a rich, complex flavor to match.

Floriani Red Flint cornmeal is far more nutritious than store bought, degermed cornmeal (see chart below). Fedco, a Maine-based seed company, had this to say after they tried this exceptional corn: “Floriani’s richly sweet, delicious, corny taste beat the competition silly in our pancake and cornbread muffin bake-off.”

We have the Floriani available in a 2 lb bag for $6.00



 Our flour is 100% whole wheat with all the nutritious bran included!

It’s available in a 3 lb. bag for $6.00

Because our flour and cornmeal are 100 % whole grain, we recommend keeping it in the refrigerator or freezer to retain its fresh flavor.

I will be adding recipes to our page as I test them. This morning I made the buttermilk pancake recipe using both the Floriani cornmeal and the whole wheat flour. It was delicious!

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