Lamb and Applesauce

We have lamb available for sale. This year we raised 3 Katahdin sheep on our grass pasture. This breed of sheep is known for producing fine flavored meat without the strong flavor that some lamb can have.

We have chops in a package of 2 (aprox. 7-8 oz per pkg.) – $20.00 per pound

Leg of lamb – cut in half and aprox. 3-4 pounds – $12.00 per pound

Italian style sausage – 1.5 lb package – $13.00 per lb

Lamb chops

This morning I made a batch of Organic applesauce from Earth First Farm apples and cider. Their apples and cider are certified organic and are the only ingredients in our applesauce. NO SUGAR ADDED and it’s not needed. I used a combination of Empire and Golden Delicious and a small amount of their fresh cider to keep the apples from sticking to the bottom of the pan.

It’s in the stand for $4.00 per container


We also have Kale, butternut squash, eggs and a small amount of sweet peppers and cherry tomatoes.

Freshly stone ground Heirloom Corn meal is available on request.

To request Lamb or cornmeal, either e-mail or

call 815-467-5259






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