Spaghetti Squash and LOTS of tomatoes!

Spaghetti squash is in the stand – $3.00 for large & $2.00 for med/smallIMG_4825

We are finally picking LOTS of tomatoes and have some available in half-bushels. We are selling them for $1.00 per lb. A half-bushel is 26 lbs. these tomatoes are great for juice or canning.IMG_4823

We also have our heirloom Italian frying peppers available in a half-bushel for $20.00. They can be roasted and frozen, pickled or canned.20140819-212409-77049497.jpg

The okra is really happy about the recent hot weather and is very easy to freeze. I slice it, stir some of our cornmeal into it and put it in freezer bags. You can also pickle it. We’re selling it for $2.00 per pint.IMG_4826


We also have lots of beautiful heirloom eggplant, beets are back, heirloom potatoes, hard-neck garlic, bell peppers, poblano and purple Jalapeno peppers, cucumbers, beans, zucchini, lemon squash and a fresh batch of Fresh Salsa.

In addition to our regular eggs, we temporarily have small eggs from our young hens. They are $3.00 per dz. and will only be available until the hens start laying larger eggs as they mature.

We also have frozen chicken that was processed last week for $4.00 per lb. and Freshly stone ground heirloom cornmeal (non GMO). Both are available on prior request.

If you’re looking for half or full bushels of tomatoes or peppers, chicken or cornmeal, you can either call 815-467-5259 or e-mail

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