Heirloom Corn Meal


We are finished with the long process of growing, picking (by hand), shelling (with our antique corn sheller), drying (with our dehydrator) and grinding (with our stone grinder) our heirloom cornmeal and now are ready to sell it! It’s  a multicolored heirloom from Sand Hill Preservation and was grown @ Creekside Natural Farm with no sprays or chemical fertilizer (just like everything else we sell). It was ground on our stone grinder to a medium grind that made an excellent cornbread.


We will be selling is upon request for $2.50 per pound.

call 815-467-5259

ore-mail pam@creeksidenaturalfarm.com

*The cornbread recipe was my grandfathers and is a true southern style cornbread – no flour or sugar and baked in a cast iron skillet. You can find it in the “Recipe” section of our page.



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14 Responses to Heirloom Corn Meal

  1. Hi Bob, Can you give me an ETA for picking up the cornmeal today?

  2. We’ll be outside for a couple of hours, so try my cell if you call before 3:00. 815-715-3590

  3. Will do, Pam. Up in the city at Dr appts. Will call when we have an idea of timeframe.

  4. Hi Sheryl, Today would be fine. We’re supposed to go back into the ice-age tomorrow. We’ll be home all day, but may be in the back pasture for a little while, so just let me know what time.

  5. Actually we could pick up later today if that is alright.

  6. 8 pounds is not too much. this corn variety did very well this year so we have plenty. what time Wed?

  7. After talking to Russ, we are thinking we need eight pounds. Is that too much?

  8. Sheryl Fletcher Coon and Bob Filice, both days will work. If you can give me an ETA, I will watch for you.

  9. Bob Filice says:

    I want to order five pounds. Can we pick it up Tuesday?

  10. Thanks, Pam! Then I will buy four. Can I pick them up Wednesday?

  11. Hi Sheryl, Yes, you can freeze it. I would put in a freezer container to protect it from picking up any odor from other things you might have in your freezer – like peppers.

  12. If I buy more, can I freeze the meal?

  13. Sue Glenn says:

    Memories from both early childhood and Southern meals with cornbread baked in cast iron skillet.

  14. That’s awesome! I definitely want at least 2 pounds. I’ll email you during the week.