Grass fed & pasture raised lamb

We have a limited amount of lamb available.  They came here the 1st of May from an organic farm in Shefield,IL that raises Katahdin sheep.  Katahdin sheep have been developed to have a mild tasting meat.  They don’t have wool or lanolin that gives lamb a stronger flavor. 

They were raised outside on our pasture on their natural diet of grass & hay. They were never given any type of grain and did not receive any antibiotics or growth hormones.

We have chops & ½ legs available for sale.

Chops are 4 oz each/2 per package – $10.00 per package

½ Leg is average 3 lbs – $12.00 per lb

If you would like to purchase lamb, you can either call 815-467-5259 or e-mail to make arrangements to pick it up.

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