Heirloom Tomatoes

We are picking lots of heirloom tomatoes & the dry/hot weather has made them  even sweeter than last year!  The heirlooms (Cherokee Purple, g Lifter, Arkansas Traveler, Black Prince, Valencia, Box Car Willie, Royal Hillbilly) are $3.00 per pint or $5.00 per quart.  The cherries (Sungold, Black Cherry, Sweet 100 & Anna Asa) are $3.00 per pint.  We also have “salad ” tomatoes that are $4.00 per quart. 

Because our tomatoes are growing so well this year, we will have “processing quantities” available for those who would like to make juice, sauce, canned tomatoes, dehydrate or freeze.  A bushel of tomatoes is 53 lbs and will be $50.00  or $30.00 per half bushel.  These are organic tomatoes that are grown on our farm and picked ripe rather than green (the sugar develops in the tomato as it ripens on the plant). If you would like to purchase a bushel or half-bushel, please call or e-mail in advance so I can have them ready for you to pick up.

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