Certified Humane

Our laying hens are officially Certified Humanely raised and handled!

Here is what our inspector Kimberly wrote:

“This is a very nice, well maintained small farm managed by very conscientious people.  The birds are in very good condition in a beautiful environment.  They are cared for very well and this inspector would be proud to have this producer on the Certified Humane program.

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5 Responses to Certified Humane

  1. Jennifer Stermer says:

    Great, thanks. See you then!

  2. admin says:

    Jennifer, Wednesday will be fine. They are 3.50 per dz

  3. Jennifer Stermer says:

    Can I pick up a dozen on Wednesday afternoon, around 4:30? How much do they cost?

  4. admin says:

    Jennifer, Yes we are. We are not putting them in the cooler because it’s too cold. We have them in the house now, so you’ll have to call ahead.
    Thanks, Pam

  5. Jennifer Stermer says:

    Are you still selling eggs? Thanks! ~Jennifer