Time to choose the 2019 potatoes!

We will be offering seed potatoes this season. We’ve chosen 3 of our favorites and 2 “new to us” varieties (Viking Red and Masquerade). We will sell them in 1 pound packages and also as transplants in biodegradable pots with organic soil. 


The most popular “red” potato in Europe. Round to oblong tubers, satin-like pinkish/red skin and gourmet quality creamy-yellow flesh. Prolific yields of excellent all-around cooking potatoes. Very resistant to common diseases. An easy and very reliable gourmet potato to grow.


Delicious German potato with low glycemic level. Uniform medium-large oblong tubers have smooth yellow skin and light yellow flesh. Firm waxy texture is excellent for boiling and salads. High yield potential. SSE staff favorite. 90-110 days.

La Ratte Fingerling

Long prized by French chefs as a top quality fingerling. We cannot recommend this variety highly enough, an absolute delight to cook with. Long uniform tubers, yellow flesh with firm waxy texture and a nice nutty flavor, holds together very well. Especially good for potato salad or as a boiled potato. We love it roasted with garlic!

                            Viking Red

Viking has main season maturity but has early tuber set. Yielding ability is high. Plants are medium sized, upright and vigorous. Tubers are large, oblong to round, medium thick, with a smooth, medium to deep red skin and white flesh. Eyes are shallow and well distributed. Culinary quality is excellent.


A yellow-skinned potato that’s all dressed up in a cloak of purple. These slightly flattened, oval tubers have moist, yellow flesh, an irresistible creamy, rich flavor, and an elevated anthocyanin content. Sized nicely to bake whole, Masquerade makes a triumphant presentation at the table, and doesn’t disappoint on the palate. A very versatile potato, it’s delicious mashed or roasted as well. Vigorous plants deliver very high yields. 

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