Hand made Soap

Goatsmilk, oatmeal and honey soap with lavender, ylang ylang and dark patchouli

Yesterday I was re organizing my soap and noticed a couple of the lavender bars didn’t have much scent. After testing (by washing my hands with one of the lightly scented bars) I discovered that the scent comes back to full strength.  I actually could smell the lavender as I walked past the bathroom! I have found this to be the case with many of the essential oils in soap. You will get a stronger scent on the cured soap with fragrance oils, but I prefer to use EO’s whenever possible.

All of our soaps are $5.00 per bar

They are not stocked in the farmstand but are available on our Creekside Market Day or by contacting us ahead of coming out to the farm.

Next Creekside Market Day is July 13th



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